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Winter Happenings

I hope everyone is having a creative and productive winter! Or a nice, lazy, warm winter! I’ve been working away, either writing and testing patterns or working at my day job. Boy, would I love to be hibernating, though. But, staying busy has certainly done wonders for my state of mind. The state of the world, on the other hand, doesn’t quite seem to have course corrected yet, so until that happens, I’ll keep stitching away and look for the sunshine where I can.

Speaking of sunshine, the days may be getting longer, but they sure don’t feel like they’re getting any warmer! I don’t know about y’all, but in my humble opinion, the best thing about winter is finding somewhere warm and comfy. Personally, I like to stay home and bundle up on the couch with my cats. And in a perfect world, that’s how I would spend the entire winter. However, here in the real world, I have no choice but to brave the cold, dark mornings of West Virginia. That doesn’t mean I can’t take a little bit of snuggly warmth with me when I have to go.

With that aim in mind, I designed a new fluffy, double layered hat. The Plush Plaid Trapper Hat is fully lined in faux fur guaranteed to keep your head nice and toasty! The pattern is written for an average adult/teen size head and includes instructions for both the fur liner and plaid outer shell. You can find more details on the pattern page at Ravelry or Etsy.

As we brace for a huge winter storm here in West Virginia this weekend, I’ll say one last thing in defense of early winter mornings. The sunrises on my daily commute have been breathtaking. Somehow, seeing the sun rise makes the early sunsets a little easier to bear. There’s a reason the song says it’s almost Heaven, y’all.

Stay tuned for more projects coming soon. I’m working on a couple of free patterns and hoping to even start filming some tutorials in the coming weeks. Thanks for tuning in! Oh, and please enjoy a picture of my favorite little snuggle buddy before I sign off.

My darlin’ Clementine

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